Pump Packing

Compression Pump Packing’s are produced in a magnitude of different packing styles to help reduce leakage and improve efficiency.

There are many variables that affect packing life, including operating temperature, pressure and chemical properties of the fluid being pumped and sealed. Packing life is also affected by two ever-present factors: Wear and Heat.

Pump Packing’s may be constructed using materials such as Flax, Synthetic Yarns Impregnated with graphite or PTFE lubricants, graphite or carbon yarns or a combination of any of these materials braided together.

The appropriate pump packing for your application in part is selected by determining your allowable leakage rate and the chemical compatibility and temperature of the product being pumped. Packing must leak in order to carry away heat generated by friction from the rotating shaft rubbing against the packing. The more expensive graphite packing produces less friction, therefore less heat, requiring a greatly reduced leakage rate.

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