Teflon Gaskets

PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin is in a class of paraffinic polymers that have some or all of the hydrogen replaced by fluoride. The original PTFE resin was invented by DuPont in 1938 and called Teflon®.

PTFE is a completely fluorinated polymer manufactured by free radical polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene. With a linear molecular structure of repeating –CF-CF2-units, PTFE is a crystalline polymer with a melting point of about 621°F (327°C). Density is 2.13 to 2.19 g. PTFE has exceptional resistance to chemicals. Its dielectric constant (2.1) and loss factor are low and stable across wide temperature and frequency range. PTFE has useful mechanical properties from cryogenic temperatures at 500°F (280°C) continuous service temperatures. Its coefficient of friction is lower than almost any other material. It also has a high oxygen level.

Filled PTFE - PTFE reinforced with various fillers suited for more severe applications. The fillers such as Barium Sulfite, Silica or Glass Spheres give varying enhanced properties Over conventional PTFE gasketing properties. Increased resistance to cold flow, strength & chemical resistance. Trademarks such as Gylon, Sigma, Flurogreen are some of the most popular Filled PTFE products.

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